Out of little bit of curiosity and need, I wrote a simple trace helper called ShowMeMyOBJREF(pStm) which extracts the information out of a marshaled OBJREF in a human readable form and dumps it out on the output window. It tells you all about how the interface was marshaled - IID, the clsid of its proxy(if custom/handler marshaled), IPID, OXID, OID tuple etc. I pulled out the OBJREF and other related definitions from the latest DCOM spec and made it a part of the header. Thought it might be useful to someone...

You can use the helper as follows:

1) include the  ObjRef.H in the file which uses the helper.

2)call CoMarshalInterface / CoMarshalInterThreadInterfaceInStream/ AtlMarshalPtr(InProc) et al get the IStream pointer wrapping the OBJREF like :

IStream* pStm = 0;

if(SUCCEEDED(::CreateStreamOnHGlobal(0, TRUE, &pStm)))


    hr = ::CoMarshalInterThreadInterfaceInStream(IID_IDHandler,pHandler, &pStm);

    //hr = ::CoMarshalInterface(pStm,....); or AtlMarshalPtr .. whatever suits you.

    if(hr == S_OK)


3)then call

    hr = ShowMeMyOBJREF(pStm);


    //Release pStm ... do other stuff



This call to the helper will output the following stuff on the output window:

The signature is MEOW
The IID getting marshaled is --{00000000-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}
The Reference is STANDARD
The SORF flags for the OBJREF are 0
The Reference Counts on the OBJREF is 5
The OXID of the STDOBJREF is 2579688225631109689
The OID of the STDOBJREF is 2579688225631109698
IPID of the STDOBJREF--{00000004-0544-0000-6805-000003000000}


Currently it doesn't show you contents of DUALSTRINGARRAY.

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