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All my Guitar Stuff


I am crazy about guitars and enjoy playing jazz /blues and bit of rock. I own a Fender Strat among others which I play quite often and Digitech RP12 DSP and a Boss DR5 drum machine and play to please myself and *hurt my neighbors*. The biggest joy ( besides the other usual biggest joys ;-) ) is to make the guitar scream & wail... Since last few years I've started devoting an entire year or a half for a particular scale. So 1998 was for the Harmonic Minor scale, in all the Modes and in all Keys, 1997 for Pentatonic and 8 tone Spanish stuff and so on. Please feel free to share anything related to guitar playing with me.

Check out my Virtuoso Instrument AX controls page too.


I listen to a lot of music but these are some names that come to my mind at the time I'm writing this:


Eddie Van Halen

Joe Satriani

Steve Vai

Yngwie Malmsteen


Stevie Ray Vaughan

Jimi Hendrix

Albert Collins

George Benson

Robben Ford

Paco de Lucia

Eric Johnson

Steve Morse


Mark Knopfler

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