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COM Links you don't wanna miss



Folks I admire and learn things from


Don Box             - The name says it all... The Guru...

Chris Sells          - Check out some cool samples at Chris' site

Keith Brown        - Whenever you think of the UD...

Michael Nelson   - More samples...


Links to COM/DCOM/RPC specs


COM Spec

DCOM Wire Spec


COM White Papers

ATL Links


World of ATL

Listsevers Archives


DCOM mailing list

ATL mailing list

Books I recommend


Essential COM by Don Box

Effective COM by Don Box ,Keith Brown ,Chris Sells and Tim Ewald

ATL Internals  by Chris Sells and Brent Rector

Effective C++ by Scott Meyers

More Effective C++ by Scott Meyers

Inside the C++ Object Model - by Stan Lippman

Advanced C++ - by James O Coplien


Book of the Year :-)


Mr. Bunny's guide to ActiveX - by Carlton, III Egremont

Other Resources


Crispin Goswell's most excellent and inspiring The COM Programmers Cookbook (Its on MSDN).

Don Box's House Of COM column in MSJ

Keith Brown's Security Briefs Column in MSJ